Tammie Searles

Artist and pilot.  Tammie and her husband Paul enjoy life in the Texas Hill Country.  After a career as a legal assistant, she retired and began devoting more time to pursuing her passions. ​​​​

Tammie's artistic expressions range from working with Alpaca fibers to fusing glass.  With her glass art, Tammie strives for the organic and the serendipitous. In her studio, she is surrounded by her kilns, sandblaster, wet saw, grinder and inspiration.

Recently, she has been creating Murrine pieces.[1]  The intricate Murrine patterns are specifically arranged and, when heated, allow the natural alchemy of science and nature to become the artist.

Tammie also explores science and nature as a pilot. She has been flying airplanes and gliders since she was 14, and is a FAA-certified flight instructor. Also, Tammie is a proud member of the Cherokee Nation and is a member  of the U.S. Department of Interior's Indian Arts and Crafts Board.[2]

[1] Murrine is the Italian term used for patterns made from glass cane that, when cut into cross-sections and refused, can be formed into platters and bowls.   This process began over 4,000 years ago in the Middle East and was brought back by the Venetian glass blowers in the early 16th century.

[2} https://www.doi.gov/iacb/texas